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Customer journey optimisation in financial services- finding creative opportunities to guide outcomes better.  See also our portfolio work and websites

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Proof of concept and UX planning work with Marbles and Aqua

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Creative and tech audits, improve customer journeys

Banque PSA finance are the bank behind Citreon/Peugeot finance. Customers were being lost in the system and leads weren’t being followed up effectively. We developed a customer journey plan and contact strategy to support the sales process for both Citreon and Peugeot finance. This started with clearer signposting on the websites and messaging and email to prompt both customer and sales team. This was a strategic project with recommendations and templates handed over to the internal team. We delivered a full tech, SEO and social audit as part of the project in order to identify opportunities that we then satisfied to improve the customer experience.

The strategic thinking we provided subsequently informed journeys in the new website.

Customer journey optimisation
Customer journey optimisation

Add-on products into motor Insurance journey

Demonstrate how to introduce Accidental Death cover during the customer journey as an extra level of cover with partner motor insurance companies. We took a detailed look at the existing customer journeys through partner websites and examined  customer profiles to make strategic recommendations on introducing Accidental Death cover at key stages in the web journey. This included introducing dynamic content, clearer messaging and email support to win back abandoned carts and to upsell partner cover and other cover options. The recommendations covered driving site traffic, web journey and managing the tail – winback and repeat visitor strategies.

financial services, creative consultants
Customer journey optimisation

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We are called Daisy because of the way we are structured.
We do the strategy and creative. Then we build a bespoke project team using our network to deliver our creative vision. Think of it as a ‘Daisy Chain’ of skills with on-demand expert project managers, strategic planners, data, tech and production partners ready as and when needed.
It’s more agile, more flexible and a more cost effective way to deliver.

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