Dad at the social media disco

If you’re going to be embarrassing, at least know you are.

Here’s some news: conversations in social media are like any others – tell a good story badly, a bad story in a boring way, the same story over and over and over again, or almost as bad, say nothing at all and you’ll not only switch people off, but they’re never likely to want to hunt you out again, let alone buy you a drink.

So it’s all well and good using Facebook or Twitter to get closer to your customers – or supporters, but you have to give them something that excites them. So it’s not enough to have a social media strategy, it has to be a well thought out social media content strategy. Rich content, original content, varied content, content they’d want, and want to share. Leave people to their own devices and they’re just as likely to fall asleep. Setting up your facebook page and not planning the content you are going to drip feed into it to keep things moving, well, you may as well not bother, and it’ll only make your organisation look like Dad’s turned up at the disco. Again.

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