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Positioning as thought leaders

Hymans Robertson is a leading independent actuarial consultancy. They asked Daisy to design and build a more informative and engaging website for them. The challenge was to bring out their thought leadership credentials, while reinforcing their proposition of ‘real people, real skills, real results’.

Hymans Robertson are consultants. Yet their website contained no think pieces, no white papers or opinion pieces. Companies who engage pension consultants want to know the company they are with are ahead of the game. The new website included a knowledge centre, stories about staff and added the personalities to the story. After all, apart from the knowledge, a key skill of being a consultant is your ability to engage with people.

W ealso delivered a successful graduate recruitment program and materials centered on the perfect candidate would be a mix of different skills and abilities.

Launching AIG Life’s Pan European Group Benefits product

Name and launch AIG Life’s (Alico) Pan European Group Benefits product. The product allows a single company policy to cover all employees in whichever European country a company may now, or may in the future be working in. Previously, this meant creating separate policies for each market. Now one policy covers every market. It makes moving into new markets simpler. We called it OneStep. A single policy to cover employees as brands expand into Europe from one of the worlds leading B2B financial services brands. Work covered press, brochures, online, email and breakfast briefings.


About My Work


We are called Daisy because of the way we are structured.
We do the strategy and creative. Then we build a bespoke project team using our network to deliver our creative vision. Think of it as a ‘Daisy Chain’ of skills with on-demand expert project managers, strategic planners, data, tech and production partners ready as and when needed.
It’s more agile, more flexible and a more cost effective way to deliver.

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