Project Description

Linkedin campaign and film to recruit an Innovation Director

Do you think differently about how things are done? Are you curious? Entrepreneurial? A free thinker? Unafraid to leap in? When you are recruiting for an innovations Director, you better make sure you do it innovatively

AXA want to redefine insurance, and to help them do so they were looking to recruit an innovation manager. Naturally, they didn’t want to go through the usual channels. We wanted to be more innovative, and target these people intelligently. Innovation managers want to make their mark, so need to know the company shares their vision, and that the whole company is behind them.

We created a short film using stock footage that outlined AXA’s vision for the role. The film showcased their creative approach and ambition. It targeted social media channels and was shared extensively leading to hundreds of high quality applications. We created ads they could feature in their posts and set the challenge for applicants to outline what redefining insurance means.

AXA recruitment campaign

Daisy can be trusted to always deliver an original, highly creative solution. They know their stuff and really get to the nub of the business challenges we pitch at them. Very creative, easy to work with and always to budget. If you want to work with grown up creatives, Daisy are it.’

Kelly Ward, Marketing Director AXA Assistance