Project Description

Getting everyone onboard to drive Digital Transformation

Film on controlling the kaleidoscope of change. Setting the vision for IT

At Canada Life, and in the world of IT, digital transformation means big changes. Systems, processes, the way in which business is done, how customers are treated, nothing is staying the same. And the IT department is instrumental in making it happen. To many change can be hard to keep up with. It can be confusing. Scary even.  But to those working in IT who can see the bigger picture, change is yearned for, appreciated and welcomed. Change is exciting, and their opportunity to shine.

To drive the digital transformation the IT department at Canada Life had a new vision. We were asked to help define it and to bring it to life and to get everyone in the department behind it. We needed to build pride in the department, illustrate the task and skill needed to control a constantly changing image of the world and set out what the important focus IT will have in the year ahead in their Town Hall meeting.  Our concept was the kaleidoscope – a metaphor for constant change, and the presentation we developed for the IT director fleshed out the key points touched on in the film.