Project Description

IFA Campaign – a big hit in Pension Drawdown

An IFA Campaign to let IFAs know that LV= are soon to be No.1 for Pensions Drawdown, which is why more people at retirement are coming over to them

Our job was to promote the increasingly popular Income Drawdown range of products. to IFAs. LV= are innovators in the market. Their product delivered against 5 key criteria where all other providers could only deliver at best against 4. The only problem was that many IFA’s didn’t know this

Award winning B2B Direct Mail campaign, financial services, creative consultants

We demonstrated just how big a hit LV= have become in this specialised area of retirement planning. More people are coming to them (a key message) and they are soon to be No.1 (another key message). We wanted to make it look different to the usual communications  an IFA gets, and make LV look like the innovators they are. We also wanted to use a language that was in keeping with the age of their customers.

The high impact DM links to a digital solution. The vinyl record (it does actually play a message for those who still have a turntable) with a ‘pensions’ take on an iconic record cover. The record explains why more people are choosing LV= and offers the IFA the chance to win a state of the art music system by visiting a bespoke LV= landing page. The IFA is asked to tell who their current drawdown provider is and to rate them against the 5 USPs of the LV= offering.

landing page gathering marketing information
Award winning B2B Direct Mail campaign, financial services, creative consultants

The MI this generated has been gold dust for the sales team and the results of the campaign, in the clients words, were ‘unprecedented’. There was a 24% click through rate for the email, with 67% of IFAs going to the landing page completing the survey. The campaign was a finalist in Money Marketing Awards.