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Social media and the A-Z of infographics

Apparently 37.5 million UK adults are regular users of Facebook. That’s 77% of our adult population. It includes more than half of all UK pensioners too.

YouTube isn’t looking too shabby either, with 32 million UK adults using it regularly. While 15.5 million adults follow tweets or generate them themselves.

What’s even more astounding is that 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month. And 3,000 new images are posted to Flickr every minute. There’s just so much content being created every second that audiences have no choice but to become more discerning. Which is a good thing for those with interesting content. But rather less so if you’re still using Facebook to do little more than publish your press releases.

Getting noticed is more than ever the name of the game and using visual content makes a big difference. More people learn visually (83%) than by words alone. Which is why a picture can paint a thousand words. Or, more importantly, get you noticed ahead of 1,000 other posts (or emails).

And just think of email marketing. Thinking differently about how you use email so that it genuinely links to your social media strategy can’t be a bad thing.

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