What’s your vision? The most important question you should ask your creatives

Dave Edwards on what drives creartive people and keeps them up at night.

To be great, design needs a vision that pushes it forwards and keeps it focused. This vision is the combination of the brands positioning and it’s ambition. Expressed by an individual’s creative philosophy which is the thing that (should) differentiate one agency from another.

Which is why the most important question a client can ask an agency is, ‘what’s your creative vision?’ Great digital creatives need to hone their own uncompromising philosophy or vision for digital creative design. And this is personal. It comes from experience and gut instinct. It is the one thing that can’t be written into a design program. It can’t be reduced to an algorithm. And it will drive them to excel, to innovate, to avoid creative becoming formulaic. It will keep them up at night thinking about the work, because it is their own value system at play. This philosophy is the bar the designer sets themselves. This combined vision, the vision for the brand and the designer’s own vision, needs to be bought into, and it becomes the benchmark against which you judge the work.

The brand vision is obviously unique brand to brand and even project to project. For what it’s worth, here’s my creative philosophy, which has served me well, and you’ll see this in our work. It’s all about the customer