When I share your content, I’m building my brand, not yours


Being realistic. A bit cynical. It’s all about ME.

It’s all about me!

When I share your content, I’m building my brand, not yours.

I like to think I’m a polite person. So when I’m at a party and cornered by a man telling me about the fuel economy of his people carrier I’ll endure him. If I can’t switch the conversation, I’ll just switch off but I’ll make enough noises to still be polite. But I’ll exit first chance I get.

Free at last, I’ll also keep that miserable information he imparted all to myself because If I go and tell someone else that brand x people carrier can get 64.5 miles to the gallon, I’ll be as boring as he was. So his message has no option but to die with me.

Equally if I’m at a party and someone tells me a great story and wraps it up with a few gags and truisms and delivers it well, I’ll probably think ‘what a great guy’, and want to talk with him again. And I’ll tell you his story, because it’s interesting and in passing it on I’m thinking a little bit of his magic rubs off on me so you’ll think I’m a nice bloke too.

That’s the crux of social media.

People share information for various reasons, but we all have a personal investment in what we share. Because it reflects on us. We share because we want others to see what interests us, and we want them to see that when we see something special, it makes us think of them.

We do it because we want to grow and nourish our relationships, because belonging is one of our basic needs. Because it makes us look good or supports the image we each hope to portray. Or because it’s simply a cool thing to do.

Sharing builds our own personal brand. Which begs the question, if you post information that isn’t interesting, if your social media content is run of the mill (and God knows so much of it should be virtually land-filled) and if it doesn’t engage people instantly, then why on earth will anyone want to be associated with it. Or for that matter, with you?

So be sure you post share worthy content. And your content strategy keeps things fresh. Because you’re not building your brand with your content, you’re building the brand of the people who pass it on. And they’ll like you for it.